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DRSA Code of Conduct
The DRSA Code of Conduct is strict and serious in all of our sports programs.  All people associated with the game are always expected to act with sportsmanship, dignity, and respect for others.  This includes coaches, parents, players and officials.  By registering a player in our program, you agree to abide by this Code of Conduct at all DRSA practices, games, and events, and further expressly agree to be bound by any disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the DRSA Board of Directors and Sports Directors.  You further understand that YOUR conduct as a parent can and will affect your PLAYER'S  youth sports experience and opportunity to continue to be enrolled in our programs.  Your conduct can specifically result in removal of your player from any and all DRSA programs, without refund or recourse.  For purposes of this agreement, “You” and “Your” includes yourself, your player,  and any and all family members, friends, or others in attendance with you.
Poor Sportsmanship includes, but is not limited to:
·Arguing with coaches, officials, teammates, opponents, or spectators.
·Using threatening or profane language.
·Baiting or taunting coaches, officials, teammates, opponents, or spectators.
·Unsafe play.
·Uncontrolled behavior in the bench area.
Poor Sportsmanship will carry, at a minimum, the following consequences for you and/or your player, as well as any and all family memebers, friends, or any others in attendance with you:
1. Verbal warning
2. Dismissal from the game
3. Dismissal from the next game
4. Dismissal from the team
5. Dismissal from all DRSA activities
We, parent(s)/guardian(s) and player, have discussed the DRSA Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it.  We understand that there is no refund or recourse for dismissal from our program as a consequence of breaking this Code of Conduct.  ***THIS CODE OF CONDUCT WILL BE LISTED ON ALL DRSA REGISTRATIONS AND MUST BE CHECKED AND SUBMITTED AS "I ACCEPT THE ABOVE" IN ORDER FOR A PLAYER TO BE REGISTERED IN ONE OF OUR SPORTS PROGRAMS***